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Lleva 20 meses subiendo y ya está niveles de hace 6 años

Los analistas pronostican que el Banco Central Europeo subirá los tipos de interés en la eurozona un 0,25% hasta llegar al 4% el próximo 6 de junio y que antes de acabar el año alcanzarán el 4,25%.

Esto está impulsando al euribor (el tipo al que los bancos se prestan dinero entre sí) a subir sin cesar. A falta de que el Banco de España confirme el dato oficial a mediados de junio, se puede adelantar que mayo cerrará al 4,373%. Sin embargo, el cambio diario finalizó en su máximo (4,455%) lo que parece indicar que en junio seguirá subiendo.

Publicado el 26/10/2016 6:54:49
Kako que buenos estos ñoquis, como tu bien dices la calabaza además de un ingrediente muy versatil, simplemente asada con un poco de aceite es una delicia. Y además muy poco calórica. ¿Se puede pedir mas?Ya sabes que yo soy una amante de la pasta casera, así que me llevo tus noquis de calabaza.BssVirginia "sweet and sour"
Publicado el 05/08/2016 6:46:44
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Publicado el 20/07/2016 5:21:11
1. Mikä on kehosi ikä?-242. Asutko kehän sisä- vaiko ulkopuolella?- sisä3. Ostatko nettikaupoista?- ostan4. Laatu vai määrä?- laatu5. Opiskeletko, oletko kotosalla vai leimaatko kellokorttia?- opiskelen6. Miltä musta tuntuu?- hyvältä
Publicado el 10/07/2016 3:50:53
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Publicado el 02/07/2016 3:21:33
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si si conky l’ho avviato e compare sul desktop con lo stile aspettato, solo che mancano i cerchietti, che se ho capito bene sono creati da lua…Sono su kubuntu 8.04 i686ho provato anche ad installare i pacchettilua50lua40lua5.1ma niente…forse manca qualcosa nel tar.gz di gnome-look?Io vedo 3 file:- clock_rings.lua- conkyrc- new-ubuntu-logo.png
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Publicado el 17/05/2016 2:57:04
Si « L’appel au boycott est illégal en France et constitue une infraction. » parce que visant à « la discrimination « à la haine ou à la violence à l’égard d’une personne ou d’un groupe de personnes à raison de leur origine ou de leur appartenance ou de leur non-appartenance à une ethnie, une nation, une race ou une religion déterminée » », comment se fait-il que la pratique du halal soit autorisée ?
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My review of Mayo has been mixed thus far. Like any other clniic, there are great doctors (even fabulous ones) and some not so great. I would suspect however, that an organization like Mayo would strive for perfection 100% of the time. By this I mean compassionate investigation and thorough care, not necessarily a treatment or cure, as this is not always possible.As someone from another country, I am paying for my care 100% from my own bank account. I came to Mayo because I have been suffering from illness since infancy and have not been able to find any answers or solutions back home. I have had a very negative experience overall in terms of healthcare provision. I expected Mayo to try their best to help me resolve my poor quality of life.This is what seemed to be the case on Day 1. My internist was superb, great care. The testing I had done I was also very pleased with. Very thorough, great staff, short wait times, very organized. I was happy.Day 2 comes along and I have my first of specialist appointments. The department of genetics was fabulous, I met a wonderful, caring, personable, and highly intelligent doctor who exemplifies what a doctor should be. My doctor was beyond superb. However, after meeting with a doctor in the thyroid clniic, I could not believe that I wasted so much time and money (and travel costs) to be told the same (lack of) answers that I have been told for two decades by local doctors who had no clue as to how to help me.Worse still, some of the differential diagnosis/explanations by the Mayo doctor as to my problem were contradictory. I was told the issue would resolve after treatment of another condition (which doesn't necessarily fit my clniical history), alongside an alternate explanation that stated this problem affecting my thyroid absorption would never go away on its own (as it would be due to another condition that I have that is not treatable moreso than am I treating it now).In other words, as the doctor himself stated, he doesn't know what exactly is going on or what to do and has never seen this before. Exactly why I came to Mayo. Why else would I be here? He strangely asked me what I thought it was (at least he was including me in my care, which I appreciate, but really I was hoping he would have the answers since he is supposed to be the best of the best), but when I gave possible considerations or alternate ways to treat the condition, I was essentially dismissed and told not to worry about it. All I care about is getting better. Period. This is what I'm willing to pay big bucks for. This is why I am here. Perhaps someone could explain how a person who is constantly too sick to function, as has been for 2 decades since childhood can turn off the feelings of frustration when they are being told they should shut up and continue to limp along towards the end like this. I was essentially told that since my test was fine right now, I am doing great and shouldn't change anything. Despite the fact that this test result will change at any given time so this fraction in time means nothing. Hence why I am seeking answers.We discussed alternate dosing issues but I left being told they were either impossible (I would think the Mayo pharmacy could compound a drug if Big Pharma doesn't sell a particular formulation), impractical (what's impractical is sending me home to live like this), or investigations (don't tell me about an experimental drug that *may* help if you're not giving me a prescription). I left with no prescriptions or answers. Or help. Essentially it's fine to Mayo if I continue on in this fashion, even though I begged them to help me when no one else can. Yes it's rare for this particular condition to affect someone like this, but it IS affecting me, and rare shouldn't be a puzzling presentation at the Mayo Clinic. If I'm the first case they have ever seen, I would think this would be interesting to them, and at least warrant further investigation outside the common realm of tests that I have had done for the past 2 decades.I left the clniic in tears (and I NEVER cry) because I essentially felt like I had a cancer diagnosis (life changing), except that there is no chance for treatment, remission, or a cure. I won't be able to ever complete my education (I am still fairly young), have a family, be employed (I am too sick to work), or have any quality of life. I am being told that even if my problem will resolve (which I am skeptical about), I have to go back home to live like this for another 7 weeks until further testing can be done. And the doctor suspects this test will answer nothing. Perhaps I am being too picky, but I expect to get what I paid for ($475 to be told I should relax ), and those answers were not there. I am considering not wasting my time with any other specialist consults in regards to my endocrine issues and will cancel my further appointments. If Mayo is ranked #1 in this area, it must not be in autoimmune endocrine issues. Perhaps they primarily deal with Type 2 diabetes (the common form related to obesity and poor diet, etc.). There were a lot of overweight people in the waiting room, so maybe this explains things. In that case maybe you'll get help. If you have an autoimmune endocrine issue, I wouldn't bother.If you have a rare cancer, brain tumour, or require treatment for a rare neurological disorder, Mayo probably IS your best bet and will save your life when no one else can. GO.If you have an autoimmune disease (the most underfunded, misunderstood, and understudied group of diseases), or some rare uncommon presentation of related issues, Mayo, like the rest of the medical field, likely cannot help you. In fact, if your case is not straightforward, simple, and classic (including classic presentations of rare diseases), I'm wondering if they can help you at all. And the specialists most likely will not go out of their way to find out what's going on. It's not only about billing and money (but I'm sure that's part of it), because some of the treatments I would want are not cheap. They would still make money off me. It's that they don't or can't take the time to do it. Which is ironic as I thought Mayo was known to think outside the box and off the beaten path.Although the doctor was kind and friendly, I still have more questions than answers. I want answers and solutions. Or admit you have no clue what to do for me. At least admit that. I want my $475 back, as that was a wasted visit. I have been scheduled to see another doctor but honestly I am beat down and don't want to go, even though I am optimistically and desperately seeking help. I still hold Mayo in high regard as they are leaders in the field and are highly efficient in diagnostic testing. I am very happy with their diagnotic testing. However, don't be surprised if you don't get the treatment your were seeking.My personal is, if you have $20,000-$30,000+ to spare, and don't really care what the outcome is, go to Mayo with no expectations. I don't regret coming to Mayo, but it is not at all the outcome I expected. If you are really looking for a bang for your buck, and expect Mayo to wine and dine you while they solve problems your MD back home cannot, don't bother. Apparently I am still going to suffer, and I'd rather suffer with that extra money in my bank account .

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